Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Virtual Vacations: Destination Spain - Folktale/Story

The Tinker and the Ghost

A long time ago there was a haunted castle in the hills where no one dare go. The castle had been empty for years and years and tales of the ghost that lived there grew the longer the castle stood empty. One day, in the market a pot maker named Esteban, over heard several women talking about the haunted castle. The owner of the castle had offered a rewards of 1,000 gold pieces to anyone who could get rid of the ghost that haunted the castle. Many men tried but no one could stay in the castle long enough to get rid of the Ghost. Anyone who tried to spend the night in the castle was frightened away before long.
Esteban decided that he would try to free the castle of its ghost, so he loaded up his donkey with lots of firewood, a sleeping bag, eggs, bacon, and a pan and started up the hill to the castle. When Esteban reached the castle the first thing he did was start a fire in the fireplace. Then he laid up his sleeping bag. Soon Esteban was hungry so he put the pan in the fire and began to make some eggs for dinner.
An eerie voice called, "Oh My, Oh My!"
"Who is there?" Esteban replied through he was a little scared he decided to stay. The voice sounded like it was in trouble. Maybe the Ghost needed help.
"Oh My, Oh My" the voice called again. "Help me I'm falling" and with a Plop! the ghost leg fell down the chimney and in front of the fire place. Esteban took it and put it to the side. As Esteban began to eat his supper, he heard the voice call again. "Oh My, Oh My! I'm Falling" and Plop down fell another leg. Soon a torso fell then one arm and the other and finally a head. Esteban helped the ghost put himself back together.
"thank you!" said the Ghost. " I have been trapped for many many years and no one has ever stayed long enough to help me."
"What help do you need?" Esteban asked the Ghost, who was now not scary at all.
"I buried, in the courtyard, three bags of coins. One bag of bronze coins, one bag of silver coins and one bag of gold coins. Will you help me dig them up?"
"Yes." Esteban agreed and went out to the courtyard with the Ghost. They found the place where the coins were buried and began digging.
When all three bags were unearthed, the Ghost said, "Please give this bag of bronze coins to the Church."
"I will." Said Esteban.
"And please give this bag of silver coins to the poor."
"I will" said Esteban.
"The last bag of gold coins, you can keep for yourself. Thank you for helping me." The Ghost said.
"Thank you!" Esteban said gratefully and watched as the Ghost disappeared into thin air.
In the morning, Esteban did as he promised. He gave the bag of bronze coins to the Church and the bag of silver coins to the poor. He found the owner of the castle, "The Ghost will not haunt here anymore." Esteban said and collected his reward. Esteban lived out the rest of his days a very happy man and was never afraid to help someone in need.

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