Thursday, May 13, 2010

Create a Book & Bookmark Craft

It wouldn't be Book Week without a Book themed craft. Here are two classic crafts: a memo book and bookmark.

What You Need: a file folder or poster board, construction paper, plain white paper or lined paper, glue, a pipe cleaner, piece of ribbon, hole puncher, decoration of your choosing

What to Do:
Cut the file folder/poster board into three rectangles (a front cover, a back cover and a long thin rectangle for the bookmark). Then cut the construction paper to fit on top of the file folder. Lastly cut the plain paper to fit inside the covers as pages.

Let your child decorate the construction paper.

Glue the corresponding construction paper pieces onto the front and back cover file folder pieces. Put the plain paper in between the two covers, making sure the decorated side are facing out. Using the hold puncher make holes down the left side (or across the top) of the book. Finally thread the pipe cleaner through the holes to make a spiral style memo book.

Glue the decorated construction paper onto the long thin file folder piece. Use the hole punch to make a hole in the center along the top of the bookmark. Lace the ribbon through and double knot it to secure it in place.

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