Friday, April 23, 2010

Rainstick Craft

This is an easy rainy day craft for you kids. With items found in just about any house, your child can make an instrument that won't wake the neighbors.

What You Need: a cardboard tube of any size (bathroom tissue, paper towels or wrapping paper), dried rice/beans or un-popped popcorn , glue, construction or kraft paper, cocktail toothpicks (the ones with the little flags) or a piece of aluminum foil, decorations - feathers, fabric, buttons, ribbon, etc.

What to Do: Cover one end of the tube with paper making sure it wraps over the edges. Glue the paper to the tube so that nothing will fall out. Fill the tube with a handful of dried rice/beans/popcorn . You may need to experiment with the sound by tipping the tube to get the right amount.

Randomly place several toothpicks through the tube creating pegs for the rice/beans to bounce off. If you have small children or don't have cocktail toothpicks, take a piece of aluminum foil and form it into a snake or spring. Place this into the tube for the same effect.

Cover the other end of the tube, sealing it shut. Let your child decorate the tube.

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