Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Homemade Drum with Sticks

My son did this craft today at the Long Island Children's Museum. It was so quick and easy and he has been playing it all afternoon. So I'm sharing it with you!

What You Need: an empty cookie tin, construction or kraft paper, glue stick, paper plate or poster board, scissors, chopsticks, 4 rubber bands, decorations/ornaments.

What to Do: Cut the construction paper into strips the width of the side of the cookie tin. Make enough strips to go all the way around the tin. Also cut the paper plate (or poster board) into a circle the size of the bottom on the cookie tin and then cut a slit to the center of the circle.

Let your child decorate the construction paper (depending on the type of decorations you are using you may want to attach the construction paper to the tin first). Your child can also color on the paper plate, try not to attach anything to this part as it might fall out of the drum.

Assemble your drum by putting the paper plate inside the cookie tin (letting the slit over lap to form a slight cone shape). This muffles some of the sound! Attach the strips of construction paper around the outside of the tin. Lastly use two rubber bands to make a ball on the tip of each chopstick.

Voila! You have a Drum!

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