Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day Cookies

Regular sugarcookies need not be boring. Have fun making and decorating these.

What You Need: SugarCookie recipe (coming soon) or store bought cookie dough, rolling pin, heart shaped cookie cutter or piece of cardboard, icing, red food coloring, sprinkles, baking sheet, a spatula and butter knife.

What To Do: Prepare cookie dough, flour countertop and rolling pin. Roll out dough and cut cookies. place on cookie sheet and bake.  Once cookies are baked and cool, ice them with icing of your choice, to make red just add a few drops of red food coloring to white icing. Then carefully add sprinkles on top.

if you don't have a cookie cutter draw a heart on a piece of heavy paper or cardboard and carefully cut it out. Use it to trace out heart shape cookies.

No rolling pin? Use a can of corn! or any other can you have in the pantry...

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